H1B stamping with new and old passport

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I am writing this in reference to my upcoming visa appointment on 15th Dec 2021 at the US Consulate,Hyderabad.

By way of background, I booked my appointment last year in April and due to Covid and multiple travel restrictions, I could not make it to the interview and had to defer it.
In the meantime, I had to renew my Indian Passport as it was expiring in January 2022.
The new passport has a different passport number but shows a link to the old passport number on it.

So the situation in hand is as follows,

  1. My VISA appointment shows my old passport number ( which is the passport number in my I797 H1B approved petition)
  2. My DS160 is also tagged to my old passport number and location Kolkata (which was my original choice).

Could you advise me on what changes I have to make? I can fill out a new DS160 with the changes I need to make but what passport number do I use? The old passport number that is on the appointment and on the petition or the new passport? I thinking the stamping needs to happen in the new passport


Fill out new DS-160 and then call ustraveldocs and give them ur visa appointment information and new DS-160 number. They will update your visa appointment with new DS-160 info. Carry both passports along with other supporting documents to your interview.


But what passport number to use in the new ds160? Old or the new one. The old one aligns with the visa appointment and petition. New one is the one that’s active. Appointment shows the old one

You need to use the new passport.