H1B Stamping with current employer after H1 transfer is approved

I have the following situation. I am currently working for company A and they have filed for extension which got approved from Sep 16 2022 to Sep 2025. I have my current visa valid till Jan 2023. Since I have travel plan to India I thought of getting a new visa based of my extension and I was able to book a dropbox appointment for Jul 2022 with my current employer details and it’s new extension petition on DS160 hoping to get a new visa valid till Sep 2025.

Meanwhile I got a new job offer from company B and they have filed for H1B transfer in Premium because of which I am able to get valid I797 before my travel. New employer provided me joining date of Sep 19th after I return from India. Now I am very much confused with what petition I should attend the dropbox appointment as during my dropbox time I will still be with my current employer A.

So my question can i get the visa based of my current employer itself instead of the new employer, I am worried about the new employer what if he turns back his offer(because of the recent job market trends) after I get the visa stamp based of their new petition.

Will be glad for any thoughts on this.

I suggest using the I-797 from your current employer that you are working for at the time of your visa application.

Thanks, Kalpesh. Thanks for your suggestion. Only worry if i have to provide I797 from new employer as well which can confuse the consular agent.