H1B stamping with current and extension receipts


My current h1b receipt is valid until April 2023
I also have an approved extension receipt which is valid from April 2023 to April 2026.
I am traveling to India in Jan 2023. For the ds160, I have given the latest extension receipt number. Now for the Dropbox, should I submit both the current and extension receipts?
Will I get the visa stamped until April 2026 or April 2023?
On entry to the US, will be I94 be until April 2026 or Apr 2023?
Can anyone pls answer my questions?

Ideally you should reference the I-797 that is current when you go for stamping amd also submit the new approval along with the current.


H1b visa may not be issued for more than 3 years validity from the date of stamping.

If you enter before start of your new petition, CBP will issue till the current petition end date. Thereafter the I-94 attached to your new/extended I-797 will override the one issued by CBP.

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@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thank you