H1B Stamping success rate in India


Let me give some backgroud first ,

  • I was in US for two year 2009-2011 on L1B and when have come for extension in NOV 2011 THAT TIME my VISA got rejected saying " No specialized Skills so request your compoany to file Indiviual L1 or H1B"

-In cosluate , officer not stamped rejected VISA stamp on my old approved VISA which were having some valid period till 7th Dec 2011.

  • I hae travelled back to US after my extension rejected and Immgeration they said you don;t have VISA as when extension was rejected at same time old VISA also rejected. Some how I manage to convince two officers and I am honest guys and have not travelled purposefully as all happend is misuderstading about old appoved VISA.

-so after 1 hour Discussion , VISA officer gave me B1 VISA for 6 months and allowed me to go inside. waiver fee marked on stamped B1 Visa.

  • Withing next 6 days have come back becuase my company told me to do that.

  • We have applied L1 indiviual Prem and then have got RFE and after that have received again Denial Notic saying some reason “No specialized Skills so request your compoany to file Indiviual L1 or H1B”

-Company applied for H1B on 2nd MAY 2012 and now I am able to see the STATUS called “Post Activity” showing your I129 Petition approved and document sent to NSC.

Now my Question is ,

Is any problem while going for H1B stamping because of all this previous thin happned ?

Please suggest and guild.


Well, you have quite a few things in your case, which you have to be clear… Previous visa rejections may not necessarily have impact on your visa. Check this article : http://redbus2us.com/b1b2-visa-approved-experience-with-previous-h1b-visa-denial-india-chennai-2012/

You just need to prepared well, including documents from your company. Seems like it is more from the company side that you have to be prepared with… Again, US consular officer, would not excersise bias because of your situation. Just need to be clear with facts and documentation.