H1B Stamping question

Hello all,

I had a family emergency so travelled to India and still working from India as a contractor for client XYZ. I have accepted full time position with the same XYZ client just before I travelled and H1B transfer approved recently. This will be my first time H1B stamping. I am planning to attend the interview on FT position and would like to give 2 weeks notice to my current employer after entering the US and start working as FT after 2 weeks of entering US. my job is eligible for NIE.

Is it possible to enter US on FT position stamping even before I start working as full time employee?
Is this approach create any issue during H1B stamping or at port of entry?

Please share your thoughts.

Thank You.

Yes. This is same as a H1B beneficiary being in India and going to stamping the very first time and after stamping travel to the US to start working for the employer.

I would recommend giving notice to your current employer as soon as your visa is stamped and travel to the US during the notice period. That way if you are questioned about your current employment you can say that you have resigned at your current job and will be joining the new employer on so and so date.

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you for the reply. I was thinking whether to resign the current job after stamping is done or on the day entered US. Giving notice before travel works if I’m sure about travel plan after stamping done. I will think little more and take a final call.

Thank you very much. Have a good day.

Sounds good. You are right that you will need to plan per your travel schedule.

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