H1B stamping or canada work permit


I got my H1B approved. My consultant asking me to go to stamping soon.

However, I got another job offer in Canada. I am keen to join Canada one.

I want to keep the H1B for future use like H1B transfer later for any other situation.

  1. Is it better to go for stamping now and leave it?

  2. Or just keep the approved docs and dont go for stamping

I want to travel to US sometimes on B1

  1. Will there be any issue if I travel to US on B1 with H1B Stamping?

  2. What do you think of Canada and US market and living?

Thank you for your advice.

  1. You don’t need to go for stamping, if you intend to join the Canadian firm.

    1. Keep the H1B related documents (I-129 petition copy, I-797 notice of approval) with you, if you wish to seek H1B job in US later.

    2. B1 stamping has nothing to do with H1B.

    3. I had been to these 2 countries once each on short term only (3 months) and hence cannot comment on life there.