H1B Stamping - only 3 months left

Hi all ,

I am on my 7th year H1B extension (based on approved I140) and my H1B visa expires Sep 30th 2016. I am planning to visit India in mid-June.

This is my first visit to India after transferring from F1 to H1 (last visit to India was 9 years back when i was on F1) so i don’t have a stamped H1B on my passport.

Now since i will have only have close to 3 months left on my current H1B ; (June to Sep even though i am eligible for 8th year extension) when i go for stamping and not a single previous H1B stamped will it create a problem ?

Will they say you have only 3 months left why do you want to go back to US ?

Is it possible for them to deny ?

Any help as i am very nervous.

ThanksRegards Nishant

As this is your first H-1 stamping, you may face delays especially if you are working for a consulting company. If you are working for a major US corporation, then it should be fine.

I don’t think they would question the remaining validity of H-1 term. They know that extensions can be applied since you have an approved I-140. Still, if asked, you can say that your employer plans to file for extension soon after you return to US; and they didn’t do it earlier b/c of your pending travel outside US.