H1B Stamping - No Client Letter

Hello Everyone,

Need urgent help. My Husband(9th year on H1B, 140 approved) travelled to India due to family emergency.He was eligible for drop box hence submitted docs accordingly. He was asked to apprear for Interview with consular officer. After interview, consular officer issued 221g white slip asking him to submit End Client Letter on their letterpad from personnel dept. Here Issue is, End Client has refused to issue client letter as its not per their policy. We are in EVC model. Vendor has provided WO - work order which clearly mentions Client name. Please guide.

Any suggestions/inputs are highly appreciated

If the client has informed about this in email, then submit copy of that email. Also ask client if someone on their side can be contact person for consulate’s queries. Then inform consulate about that contact person and ask them to follow-up w/ client as the client doesn’t issue letters due to their internal policy.