H1B Stamping - New Delhi Consulate

Hi Saurabh,

Need your help and if you can guide me cosidering the interview day -

Case -

I would be appearing for H1B Visa stamping next month with my husband and 9 month old kid. This would be my second H1B stamping and 3rd Visa stamping (in between on L visa) at Delhi Consultae. I appeared at Delhi all the time

It’s been only 3 months with my new employer. I have my all documents (pay slips, W2s, SSN, DL etc) in place but seems to have below two issues -

  1. My new client won’t give letter as per policy but I can show my client id and some emails communications. I can try for acknowledment letter from my supervisor. I have E/V letters, E-V contract, PO etc. Do you think there wouls be any issue as I heard Delhi consulate tough these days in terms of docs if client won’t give any letter ?

  2. My original i797 was not recieved by attorney and he has filed for duplicate. I am not sure how long it will take to get duplicate copy. Is there any way I can appear of interview if duplicate copy will not be recieved before I leave ?

Many Thanks !


  1. Yes, it may still be an issue. EVC stamping is little difficult and they may issue 221g to the client/project verification

  2. You will need a copy of 797 during stamping. So I will suggest to wait for the duplicate to be received. Can your attorney talk to USCIS to expedite the case?

Hi Saurabh,

Vendor is big services company and they do mention client location & responsibilities in their letter. Would not that be suffice along with acknowledgement email from supervisor ?

well, attorney is constantly in touch with USCIS and they said they are working on it but I am really scared I would get it before my travel dates :frowning: …Thanks !