H1B Stamping issued for kid but refused for self, wife

I did submit my documents through drop box on Mar 25th at Mumbai.
The status changed from ‘Application Received’ on Friday (Apr 1st)
Stamping status changed to Refused for self & wife but the status is issued for my daughter.

Am yet to collect our passports yet and did not receive any email regarding the stamping status or passport collection . Anyone else faced similar situation, please do share your experience

The status will show refused till it is approved, no need to panic. As you child has been approved the parents will be :slight_smile:

Update: Collected passport today. 221G issued for self, wife
Need to schedule a follow up appointment via ustraveldocs.com and appear in person at the consulate

For daughter, it is stamped :slight_smile:

Remember that interview waiver is discretionary and so looks like in your case the consular officer wanted you to attend in-person interview.