H1B stamping issue due to the same employer address change in same city

I work full-time for an employer (about 250 employees) in New York at his worksite, directly supervised by him. I have my H1B approved, and will begin my H1B from October. My employer is moving his entire worksite to an adjacent building (less than 2 miles radius) in 2 months. The new address is in the same metropolican statistical area. Does my employer need to apply for a new LCA and does he need to amend my H1B. I am planning to visit India this November. What address should I put in DS-160? Can I place the old address since that will be the address during my writing of DS-160, and take a letter from an HR saying that the address has been changed?

If it is moving within 2 miles, it may be in same MSA. If so, no LCA and H-1 amendment are required. Your attorney can confirm this.

In DS form, you should mention the updated address and not the old one.