H1B stamping interview waiver program Dropbox - Options, Drop-off docs, other questions

Hi Friends,

I am planning to visit India (Delhi) in December and thought of posting this discussion to get an idea of the stamping experiences in the current scenario. I really appreciate your responses or suggestions to this post.

  1. My Visa is going to expire on Jan 7th, 2021. Can I use the dropbox facility for me and my spouse (H4)?
  2. Is the normal H1 and H4 visa stamping process has been stopped due to the proclamation or it has started now?
  3. Is it mandatory for the visa holder to appear in person at the dropbox center or anyone can drop the passports on my behalf?
  4. I want to apply for a new H4 visa for my newborn child. Is it mandatory for the child to appear in person for the visa stamping process?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes
  2. yes, stopped. only renewals are allowed using dropbox.
  3. anyone can drop the documents.
  4. no need, you can drop off they meet the age requirements to be exempt.
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Thank you, Kumar.

I just need one clarification. For the second question, you answered that only renewals are allowed.

Does that mean that my child will not get a fresh visa due to the proclamation?

Additional Important point is- simply drop box practice for eligible applicants is now modified.
Now one has to take appointment even for drop box submission.
At present due to Covid situation,In India even getting Appointment for Interview waiver Drop Box submission is very difficult.
Normal H1 and H4 visa stamping is stopped till 31 st Dec 2020
From 1 Jan 2021 , policy unknown as of now.

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