H1B stamping interview experience - Nov 2022, Kolkata Consulate

This was my first H1B interview. Previously I was on F1 and I had to do the interview since I got a 221g last time I renewed my F1 visa for my PhD (they asked for more details on my research).

Biometric: Nov 23, 2022. Just verified my DS 160 and took picture

Interview: Nov 28, 2022. I arrived almost an hour early and they let me in right away.

Before the interview, they checked my DS 160, Appointment confirmation, I797 and employment verification letter

I got asked the following questions before the officer approved my visa:

Which company you are working at?
Where will you be based off of?
Where did you do your MS and PhD?
When did you graduate with your highest degree?

I got my passport (with visa) back on Nov 30, 2022.

So, overall pretty smooth experience.

Thanks for sharing your experience.