H1B Stamping in joburg documents needed

Hi Guys,

I am in johannesburg, south africa on a work assignment by my current employer.

In the meanwhile, H1B petition filed by my new employer has been approved. And I plan to attend the stamping here in SA itself.

Could you please tell me if there are any specific documents that I would need to carry in addition to the general list of documents that we carry in India while attending stamping in south africa?

Would they need any documents that are related to my work status in South africa?



The general list should be enough. The consulate may also ask why you are attending the interview in SA, and it would be good to be able to show work assignments etc for the same. You can show your rent lease, employment offer etc to show that you are in SA for work and b/c of that you have to attend the interview in SA.

Some of the consulate’s helpdesk is also helpful. You can call them up and ask them about it.

Thanks a ton Saurabh :slight_smile:

This really helps!

Hi Diwakar,

Please share your experience for H1b Stamping in Johannesburg.


Hi Diwakar, Did you attend the interview at Johannesburg, could you please share your experience.