H1B stamping in Dubai UAE

Hi Kumar/ Saurabh,

I have an approved H1B petition. I plan to take an appoint for visa stamping but currently in India the visa wait times are crazy long. The earliest date for visa interview is around Dec/ Jan 2017.

Although I do keep traveling to Dubai UAE on a Business Visa for project related work with my current employer. I always stay at a hotel and stay is only 2-3 weeks.

Dubai has only 1 calendar day wait time.

Is it advisable for an Indian to attempt to get a H1B stamping from Dubai in these circumstances. ?


Hello Saurabh,

I am also in same situation as my friend oldh1. I am planning to go to India for stamping and the dates for interview are showing are Oct 31. My plans are to go around mid october. I am ready to go to either Mumbai or Delhi. I belong to New delhi and my last stamping was in March 2016 in Delhi. Is it advisable to go to Mumbai if I can get earlier date. Also I have one more question. When you fill Ds-160 and schedule a visa interview date via ustraveldocs.com, it only shows you the interview available dates once you pay the fees and by that time you have selected the place of interview in the website. So after making payment, it is not letting me change the place of interview to mumbai and see available dates there. Does anyone know how to handle this situation and a way to know available dates in different US consulates in India before we pay fees and schedule a particular location. Please help me this is important for me. Thanks!

You are not eligible to apply for your visa outside India, unless you a hold a Resident Permit for UAE.

I speak from experience. I held a resident permit of Qatar and applied successfully for my F1 visa from US embassy in Qatar. I got this query answered by the US embassy in Qatar.

This applies for any visa category.


You already have H-1 visa stamped, correct? When does it expire?