H1B Stamping in different place


I would like to know about H1B visa process.
In April this year I have filed H1B through a company from singapore and my file has been picked in lottery. I have received a proper documents from US. The next step is I have to goto Stamping or get a visa, but in June I came to London on project work so now I’m currently in London. Please let me know where I have to go for stamping. Do I need to go back to Singapore since I have filed my application from Singapore or I can go here in London ( I am here less than 180 days in London). I have valid visa in Singapore and London as well both are valid till 2017.

For my dependents they can apply along with me? what are the other documets needed for my dependents.

Please suggest me.

Thank you,


Answer depends on how much further you would be in London.

If you apply in London , there are 2 possibilities.

1-You can get visa straight.

2- You can get 221G- Application on hold pending Administrative processing which can take 2 months- in worst cases it can take more time.

Of course you can get 221 G in Singapore also but chances of that are a little less than that in London

Depends are currently in India. But I’m in bit confusion. Now I can go any where in the world, it doesn’t mater from from where I have filed from. is it true?

Thank you