H1B Stamping in Canada

I need to get my H1B visa stamping done(2nd time). Currently I stay in the USA and I am planning to get my visa stamping done in Canada. My main reason for travelling to Canada is my brother’s house warming party. I want to know while applying for Canada tourist visa, do I need to mention that I would be getting my visa stamping done besides stating about my brother’s house warming ceremony,

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I recently got my US visa stamped at Vancouver. You do not need to mention anything about US visa interview in your Canada tourist visa application. Just mention few tourist places you will be visiting and that’s it. Also schedule your US visa interview only after your Canada visa is approved to be on the safer side.

Thanks for your answer siddv. I’m getting an invitation letter from my cousin brother… Does he have to mention that I’ll be going for visa stamping well while visiting him on his invitation letter?