H1B stamping in Canada after completing MS in the US and working in a Desi consultancy

Hello All,

I have graduated form a reputed state university here in the US and I am working threw a desi consultancy. My H1B got picked up this year. I have read articles regarding getting the visa stamping in Canada.

Few state that (for the once entering US for the first time and unlike me who entered threw F1) one CANT get it stamped in Canada because because embassy officers in the Canada are unsure about your ability to cope up in the US as your travelling for the first time and not aware of the culture here. But in my case having stayed in the US from the past 2.5+years make me eligible to get my first H1B stamp from Canada ? I want to get in stamped from Canada because of the High number of rejects people are having to face in India during the stamping Process.

Please advise,

Thank You in Advance.

Getting your first H1 stamping from your home country is advised if you haven’t done your MS from US as it is not easy for a foreign consulate to verify bachelor level education from outside your home country. But in your case since you already have a MS degree it would be ok to get it done through Canada. Regarding high number of rejects - its the same anywhere in the world. It will depend upon the petition and how the case is represented.