H1B Stamping in Bahamas or Canada


I got my fresh H1B last year(2012) in H1B 2013 Quota and have been working on it since. It was a L1B to H1B transfer so I do not have H1B stamping. I am working with one of the reputed clients in USA and working on a EVC model. I am with this customer for around last 3 yrs I am based out of Miami, Florida and wanting to get my H1B Stamping done. I did not do my masters in US.Does anyone know if I can go to Bahamas or canada? I have read about suggestions of going to home country i.e. India for stamping but if there is anyone who has the same situation and went to Canada or Bahamas or any other country for that matter and got the stamping done?

I do not want to go to India, Would only only to Canada if its a safe option. Do not want to take any risk of the case going to admin processing or the US consulate in canada asking me to go to India for interview.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.