H1B stamping, getting marriage registration in US and L2 Visa

Hi All,

I have few questions related to my fiancee visa, we both are in different location now.
Please let me know your suggestion.

  1. Recently she got the visa extension approved for 8 months until Jun’19. She is planning to get the stamping done via dropbox in Feb’19 which just 4 months before visa expiry. Is there any challenges expected? What is the other better way to handle the situation as travel is very necessary

  2. Is it safe, if she relocate before H1- B visa stamping? If so, what is the better way?
    a) Same client n same employer
    b) Different client n same employer
    c) Different client n different employer?
    All these scenarios… petition will be in progress with USCIS.

  3. I am in L1B. Can we apply L2 and EAD permit at the same time? Can we process L2 EAD when port of entry is in H1-B status? If yes, would you suggest doing it before H1-B stamping or after stamping?

  4. Can we register wedding here n process L2 n EAD? Will it affect H1B status?


  1. It is hard to say, with H1B’s it is pretty much dependent on many things like client letters, etc. It all depends on the case and how it was filed. If she prefers to come back on H1B visa, there is no choice, other than to go for stamping and hope to carry everything required for stamping. Maybe you can consider L2, instead of H1B.

  2. Relocating to your location should happen only after amendment filed and approved. They may file for change and then based on the outcome relocate. Work with their attorney. If changing employer, then it is a transfer and new petition has to be filed.

  3. After wedding, she can go for L2 stamping and then apply for L2 EAD after she enters USA. Check process for L2 Visa Stamping

  4. It is an option, but you will need to work with an attorney and your company for the COS from H1B to L2 and proceed. You maybe able to file for both of them at the same time, please check with attorney. It is possible to do H4 and H4 EAD at the same time, same thing should apply for L2 as well.

Thanks so much for clarification!
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sure, no worries. cheers !