H1B stamping for company change

2 months back I have changed my company from company A to company B in US.

My passport has a H1B visa stamp(company A) that has an expiry date as 19-NOV-2016.

When I changed from company A to company B, with recaptured time, I received an approved petition(company B) that has an expiry date as 18-JAN-2017.

Now, I am planning for India travel in May 2016(10 days).

Do I have to get the visa stamped(company B) in India so that my passport would also have a visa stamp(company B) with an expiry date of 18-JAN-2017?

If yes, am I eligible for (interview waiver)Drop-box submission method? How much time Drop-box process takes?

You are not required to get B’s visa stamp in the passport as A’s visa stamp is still valid. You can return using current visa stamp and B’s petition.

If you go for visa stamping, your new visa stamp will be valid until 18-Jan-2017 - so not much of a gain (2 months).

Thank you Saurabh for the response.

I am planning for another trip to India in Nov 2016, and that is why I was thinking of getting my company B visa stamped during my May 2016 India visit. So while coming back from India after my second trip in Nov 2016, I will have visa on passport till Jan 2017.

Will there be any issue if I get company B visa stamped in May 2016?

In that case, its a good idea to get it stamped in May. Stamping can always run into issue irrespective of whether it is dropbox or not. Have contingency plans always when appearing for stamping.

Thanks for the answer.

Am I eligible for the drop-box option?

There are several questions asked when confirming dropbox eligibility. You will have to check it yourself by answering them.

As your current visa has not expired, so from that perspective you are eligible.