H1B Stamping Feb 2021

I am planning to travel to India in the next two weeks, I originally selected the Mumbai consulate and eligle for dropbox but there is no appointments available for Mumbai location, I am getting options available for Kolkata and Delhi.
Has anyone been successful to get an appointment for the Mumbai dropbox appointment? Also, would it be an issue if I chose to drop it off in Delhi or Kolkata if I reside in Maharashtra.

Anyone already been through the dropbox appointment and if you can please share your experience if you had a successful stamping or any 221g was issued?

Thank you!
Good luck

I have booked appointment in Mumbai . Week ago there was slots in Mumbai and I don’t see it now.
My Case and I am eligible for Dropbox H1B category
DS-160 Submitted for Hyderabad
Document pickup location is Hyderabad
Visa Dropbox appointment scheduled in March 3rd week for Mumbai VO
I can drop off documents in one of the three Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad

So you can book appointment in Delhi and drop of documents in Delhi that does not have any issues.
I saw some forums if they called for in person interview then you should go to the consulate where you have drop off documents or you may see instructions in the 221g .

I am not sure about Dropbox result as I am going in March. I checked many forums , some of them succeeded to get stamping and some of them getting 221g and its not have any pattern .

Only I am little concern on that if they call for in person interview we can only go when the regular operations starts in consulate offices as of now we don’t have any news on when they start regular operations. In worst case if we get 221g and called for in person interview we may expect long wait until start regular operations.

One positive thing we don’t need to book any further appointment if they call for in person interview and its direct walk-in during regular visa office business hours but VO should start regular operations.

Some of them got 221g but they were asking sending few other documents through email and few of them got successful stamping after sent docs through email.

My suggestion that if you really decided to go to India then book appointment in any VO where slots are available and reschedule it if you find it in your desired location. You can login once in while and check the available slots . Don’t login too many times it may lead to lock your account for 24hrs to 72 hrs.

I am in the same boat and if you do it before 3rd week of March . Please update your experince.

Thank you Meera for all the answer. I believe some of the consulates have started regular operations in Delhi and Kolkata right? This is based on what I read on this site. Its only a few appointments but they are taking a few interviews If i understand correctly?

also, do you know if we are eligible for Dropbox now, we will be eligible to do it later in the year If I book an appointment for June/July or things might be different then?

This Is I am not sure on this if the Regular operations starts then we are good.

As of now we can only book Dropbox appointments until 31st March 2021. Until they extend this date as of now that’s the date.

Ideally drop box location should tally with location of DS 160 form submission.place. If DS 160 is submitted at Mumbai and drop box location is Delhi , case may or may not be accepted. Technically instructions are to submit drop box in the jurisdiction of form submission place. But students who submitted form for Mumbai and took visa appointments at Delhi have also got visas.
Right now there is plenty of confusion in the working of consulates

  • Drop box eligibility is said to be 2 yrs from visa expiry date, valid til 31 st march 2021.
    But Questionaire in profile has no such restriction. Previously it was till 31 dec 2020. But at that time I got appointments for drop box in Jan 2021, even before eligibility was extended to 31 march 2021.
    Right thing to do for you is fill fresh DS 160 and submit it Delhi. carry both ds 160s Mumbai and Delhi at drop box location of Delhi.

I didn’t know where you read that but this is from official website

The interview Embassy/Consulate you select at the beginning of the Form DS - 160 can be different from the Embassy/Consulate where you schedule your interview appointment . However please note that the Embassy/Consulate must be located within India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata).

There have been cases where Mumbai submitted form could not be opened in Hyderabad and Delhi and travelller had to suffer. Also in drop box instructions submission is requested at places in jurisdiction of consulate. I have mentioned that those who submitted form at Mumbai have got appointment and visa at Delhi. But submission at same place as Interview ensures that we do not suffer for consulates mistake. it happened for me. in a few cases.

Hi Meera,

Do you know anyone who has been through the process and what the outcome was after the cosulates have been opened?


I don’t think so on this because portal is same for across consulates. However I see many people did it and shared experience. Portal or access of ds160 not specific to Consulate. If that is not opened one place its same for other places as well even though you attend same location what you mentioned in the ds160.

When you say many people did and shared their experience? What portal are you seeing it on?

I already shared the information that published on the ustravel website and I really did not understand what is really looking for. I joined in telegram visa groups and you can find in this website about telegram groups join and follow the people experiences.

Each to his own way. I prefer being safe and submit DS 160 form at the interview location.