H1B Stamping - DS160 form clarification

Hi Folks,

My H1B petition raised by company A and same has been approved. While raising the petition i was working in company B and quit the company and relieved from duties now.

I started working in company A’s indian office branch till i travel to US.(i am confident that i will get US visa)

My questions are,

  1. I only have offer letter from Company A which talks only about the US salary/ Title and other benefits. I don’t have offer letter to work in company A’s indian office. Do i need to produce offer letter from A’s indian company too while stamping ?

  2. People who joined after 15 will not get salary and hence payslip will not be generated.

is it mandatory to submit payslip while stamping for H1? will officer accept this case if i don’t submit payslip ?

  1. At worst case if i put “Not Employed” on DS 160 form, will it create any bad impression and chances of getting rejected more ???

Please help.