H1b Stamping DS 160 problem

I was in the process of completing my DS 160 for my H1B visa stamping in India. I tried to look for available visa dates in the US TRAVEL DOCS website (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/). I entered my initial details in the above website & gave the DS 160 confirmation number (Note that I was only trying to look for available dates & not book the appointment as I have just started my DS 160). I had already paid the visa fees. Unfortunately, while looking through the dates for visa stamping - I booked an appointment without submitting/fully completing a DS 160. Should I cancel this appointment, submit a brand new DS160 & book another appointment? Please help!

You can still complete that DS form and submit it. Let me know if you are no longer able to complete and submit the original DS form.

It is not required that DS form is completed at the time of date selection. It is required that it is complete by the time you appear for biometrics.

Thanks for your reply.
If I reschedule and book a new appointment with a new completed DS 160(due to change in travel plans) -

  1. Do I need to still submit the old uncompleted DS 160?
    Do I need to carry my old DS 160 copy to my visa interview ?

  2. Also, will rescheduling be a drawback for me during my H1-B visa stamping?

I don’t think you can change DS# when rescheduling the interview date. You will have book a brand new slot if using another DS#.

What changes do you expect in the new DS#?