H1B Stamping - Dropbox Option Eligibility - Processing Time

H1B visa was stamped on my passport in Jun 2014, at US Consulate, Mumbai, India, for employer A.

Recently, I changed employer from employer A to employer B.

I also got new Indian passport from Indian Embassy, Houston, TX, USA.

Old passport still has H1B visa valid till Nov-2016.

I am planning for India trip in Jun-2015 as well as in Dec-2016.

I am planning to go for visa stamping during my Jun-2015 visit.

Am I eligible for dropbox-interview waiver program? Is it better to got for dropbox or regular interview process?

Is processign time same for both these processes?

-I have no refusals for a visa in any category
-My prior visa is not annotated “Clearance Received”

You are eligible for dropbox. I personally prefer dropbox as it is quick, no wait time in queues and doesn’t require prior appointments.

Then there is always that odd scenario where you submit for dropbox, but then they call you for in-person interview.