H1B stamping done but cannot travel...Future chances

Hi All helpful people…I have applied for H1B last year and got visa stamped for one year only till Nov 30th 2017…Due to personal reasons I cannot travel this year…My questions are:
1.As per current rules can we apply for cap exempt visa next year if I have a sponsor
2.Somewhere I read we need to travel atleast once to US before H1B expires to apply for cap exempt visa transfer.Is that true?
3.Is there a chance that USCIS does not allow cap exemption as I did not work for my employer in visa period
4.Will answers to above questions hold good even if my current employer revokes visa


Hi Saurabh,

Could you please help me with your suggestion as it helps me and few others to take a decision.

Many Thanks in Advance…

Hi Please can anyone from forum answer the question…

Thanks in advance

Hello, I am in the same situation too. But I couldn’t travel because of the company’s decision. Please let me know if you get to know any info.