H1B stamping done. After filing a complaint with DOL, H1B status went back to Initial Review after 6 months.

I am here in United States on H1B visa of the last 6 months. My Employer has not giving me the salary till date. I filed a complaint against my employer with DOL two weeks back.

After filing a complaint with DOL, today my USCIS case status changed to Initial Review.

“Your Case Status: Initial Review
On July *, 2015, we received your correspondence for Form I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, Receipt Number **********. We are reviewing your correspondence, and will mail you a notice if we need something from you.”

Is USCIS reviewing my case or employer has revoked my visa or there is some other issue with my case.

Your experiences are highly appriciated.

It suggests that a revocation notice must have been filed by employer when DOL began their investigation.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu

Hi Sshankar,

Thank you so much for your suggestions, it is really appreciated.

I have couple of questions regarding this.

  1. Can I transfer my H1B visa to some other employer based on the DOL complaint number as I don’t have any pay stubs? Do I need to go for stamping again?

  2. If employer has revoked my H1B, is it mandatory for him to pay my due salary?

  3. Is there any negative impact on my credit history / profile?

An honest advise/opinion will be greatly appreciated.

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