H1B stamping and Travel - Dropbox or not?

Hello all,

I am planning to travel to India and need your inputs. Hope my below pointers help you understand my situation

  • I got my stamping done last year in Feb, which is valid till end of this year

  • I changed my employer mid last year and as my visa stamp is valid, I can still travel to and from India (If my understanding is correct)

  • I am planning to get my next stamping done as well in India when I travel this time, based on new employer I 797

During my appointment booking, I have the question where it says "Is your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid? "

The answer to this is yes in my opinion as my previous visa validity is still there till end of this year. If this is yes, I will get an option for dropbox

Please help me with your valuable answers!

Thanks in advance.