H1B Stamping After Company Merger

Hi All,

I am currently working for a large IT MNC company A on H1B visa. My current H1B is valid till 11/2018. Recently we were communicated that employees of Company A will be transferred Company B due to merger process effective 07/01/2016. Company B is another IT company under the same group and currently lies in parallel with my employer Company A.

Due to this merger process, we will not have any change in role, work or benefits. But the name of employer will change on our payslip effective 07/01 and we will receive two W2 for 2016 one with Company A dated 01/01 - 06/31 and one with Company B effective 07/01 - 12/31.

I have upcoming travel plans to India in September and I have to go for H1 stamping during my visit. I have already submitted my DS-160 wrt current my I-797 from Company A(we didnt knew about merger at that point). My interview date is yet to be scheduled.

Does this merger process need H1B amendment for employees of Company A? Does this merger process have any effect on my planned H1B stamping as my current I-797 & DS-160 bears the name of Company A but at the point of stamping I will be employee of Company B and my payslips and EV letter will show that?

Please advice.

Thanks in Advace.


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Hi can you please share your stamping experience? It would be a great help.