H1B stamping after approval notice is received

Hi Folks,

I have received H1B approval notice. I do have below questions for visa stamping process:

1> Do I need to fill two DS-160 forms, H1 B for myself and H4 for my wife? If yes, do I need to pay separate MRV fee for both the applications?

2> Is there any other fee applicable than MRV fee($190)?

3> Would be great if someone can help with complete list of documents required at the time of stamping. From employer I have received I-797, and copy of filed petition.

  1. Yes, 2 separate forms and 2 fees payment. Once you have done start, start selecting a date for yourself. Towards the end it will ask if you want to convert this to a family application and you can include your wife DS form then.

  2. No

  3. There are articles shared on the main blog detailing the process. You can read it there and post here if you have additional questions.

hi, could you pls share the details when you received H1B approval notice? is your petition filled under H1b cap 2017?

I received the approval notice around 10th June. yes, it was under 2017 cap.