H1B Stamping after amendment

I’m in the US on H1B. Initially, I was stamped up to 2021. Then when my amendment was filed for title change, I was given H1B up to 2022. Do I need to get stamping? Can I do it from here or it should be done in India? Or should I just carry my I-797 along with me and wait till next renewal.


If you are within US u don’t need to get stamping done unless

A. You travel outside US (other than Mexico n Canada for less than 30 day’s is exception) and your current stamping is already expired

B. If your current stamping is valid then You don’t need to get another stamping just because you PED was extended to 2021, but if you travel after your current stamping expired then yes u need to get new stamping to get back in US

C. Stamping of visa cannot be done while being in US (and is also not needed) it is recommended you travel to India for the stamping but is not required alternatively you could also cross the border to Canada and get the stamping done

Please consult a lawyer as needed
Thanks n good luck

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I had that status yesterday. After 1 day it has changed to issued. Hope it will change to issued tomorrow.

I already have visa, it is issued. :slight_smile: I just want to know if I get another stamping for this 1 year addition.