H1B Stamping - affiliate companies involved

Hi Guys,

I dont know if some one has a similar experience, if so please suggest. Here is the scenario, I transferred my visa to a Company ABC, however, when they filed the petition, I realized it was filed with company PQR. I asked the HR/Lawyer of Company ABC, and they told me that ABC and PQR are affiliate companies and that PQR takes care of Employee salaries and benefits. I got my H1B petition APPROVED with Company PQR with an RFE, asking for explaination about Employee Employer relationship, which they responded to with following documents:

  1. Offer Letter from company ABC.

  2. Relation between Company ABC and Company PQR as affiliate companies, where ABC is a custom software development firm and PQR looks after the salary and benefits of employees.

  3. Company ABC’s business model is providing custom software development services to various clients as well as inhouse software development. So they provided previous Statement of Works that the company has.

  4. Tax and property (rental office space) documentation about both ABC and PQR (located at the same address).

I am travelling to India for a vacation and will also have my Visa stamped (fingers crossed) during this trip, My doubts are:

  1. Does this become a Employer Vendor Client model? or simply Employer Client model?

  2. Do I need to carry a client letter with me?

  3. My previous couple of projects were such that we did not have to travel to client office for work. However, my current project is such that I have to travel to client location.

  4. Should I be carrying the current statement of work too?

  5. Should I carry an offer letter from company PQR (as they are the petitioner)?

Any help on this would be greatly appriciated, I have my interview scheduled on 13th December 2013. I have lot of stuff here in the USA and would be desparate to come back… :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards,