H1B stamping - 221g - lost the project - Can I transfer my h1b?


I got my initial H1b Approved my I-797A for 3 years, filled amendment because of the job change got denied because of client letter then, traveled to India while I was working for the client, then my employer filled h1b transfer ( within sister company ) got approved I-797B until June 30, 2020. I went to VI h1b stamping, got a 221g blue slip, PP returned, no docs requested, the next day lost the project because the client can’t wait for me to come back to the US.

Now, I have two job offers in hand one with the same employer and another with a new employer who is ready to transfer my h1b.

Which one is the best option in terms of getting h1b visa stamped

  1. Can I transfer my h1b while my previous h1b visa stamping is under 221g or should I wait till 221g to complete?
  2. If yes, what about my previous 221g and what should I answer to VO if ask’s about my previous 221g?

Please advise!

  1. You can apply for transfer during the process of 221g to other company as the transfer process is first going to start with USCIS. But, with the same company, you should wait for it to complete.
  2. You should close out your 221g at some point by writing to Consulate to withdraw or get a decision. You cannot keep it hanging in there. Discuss with your attorney and take required action.