H1b stamped ,planning to change the employer. what will be the challenges?

I am in india and i work for a company A.

i have a valid H1b-visa from company A and the stamping is done for 2 years ( jan 2015 to nov 2017.)

now i am planning to resign and join a new company as i understood that my US opportunity is very thin from company A.

  1. Once i join company B, and if applying a new petition takes a bit of time than the standard time, and if company A with draws my petition, in between this time, will my H1b status becomes void?

  2. To with draw the petition, do company A has to pay any fine to the USCIS

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Your resignation will cause a certain level of hardship to company A because they invested corporate resources to develop your initial petition. Can you work for some time with Company A before switching or that is not possible? With reference to your question, if your petition is in process with Company B, you remain in status regardless of revocation until a USCIS decision is made.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu