H1B stamped not yet travelled, Meanwhile Passport and Original I797 stolen and can't be get back.

Dear ExpertsMy H1B stamped on 2014 from Haiti Country and i have not yet travelled to USA. Meanwhile I lost My passport and all my certificates in india on Jan 2015. Recently i got my New passport and my certificates. But i have I797C document ( instead I797B). Now planning to go for stamping. I797 - Its valid upto Mid of 2017.What are the steps that i have to cross verify before going for stamping. RegardsMahendran

Is the 797B lost? If yes, then employer should file an amendment to get a duplicate copy. It may be better to appear for stamping after you have received the 797B.

Do you have copy of 797B at least?

Thanks saurabh.

yes i have copy of 797B. but My employeer asked me to go with 797C document instead of 797B document. will it be any changes on these 2 documents?

Can i go stamping with 797C document ?

IMO, you should go with 797B and not 797C as the former is the approval novice even though it is a copy. What is employer’s logic behind this? Did you talk to your H1 attorney about this?

My attorney also said 797C is ok for restamping.