H1B Stamped &delivered but H4 shows Administrative Processing


I have attend the H1B visa interview at US consulate chennai on September 27 with my wife and kid. Consular said that Your visa is approved.
within 2 Buisness days I got my passport stamped and my kid’s passport also stamped.
But i haven’t received my wife’s passport.
While checking the status, says that " Administrative Processing".
and showing last updated date: Sep 27.


Usually, it happens for few cases, where they run some additional checks. I have seen that for few H4 cases, where they see that status and eventually got it approved. Nothing to panic, just need to wait… Do update here once you get update for everyone benefit.

I received the mail to collect the passpirt. But when i received it i found a blue slip marked that
Please appear for an interview with a consular officer on any Monday,tuesday, thursday from 10:00 am to 11:am. Please bring this letter along with you to the interview. Do not make a new appointment.
Please suggest me .
May i allowed to attend the interview with my wife

Only the person required for stamping would be allowed inside for stamping…You can try, but they do not allow, unless there is a medical situation or you have an infant… Do update your situation here after stamping.