H1B stamped but only for 11 months, will this be of any problem?

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I have got my Visa stamped but only for 11 months, though my petition clearly mentioned for a 3 years project. I was also asked the same question like how long you gonna stay in USA. I replied 3 years but don't know how he gave only for 11 months.


     My petitioners asking me to drop a mail at consulate office  with the hard copy of my petition and the copy of my stamping, asking if this made by any typo or intentionally due to any reason. will this effect anything to me . I went to interview with my wife and kid and all 3 got stamped for 11 months only. Please suggest me what can/should I do for this case.


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It is not an issue, you can extend the H1B visa before the expiry date by filing H1B extension.

Thank you kalai0605

  This is what even my petitioner said too, I just wanna confirm.

If your I797 (H1b approved petition) is valid for 3 years then this defintely a mistake from consulate, it happened to me as well. I submitted the supporting documents and got corrected in one week. Pls try submitting your passport and supporting documents and request for correction. If you need any more details, pls let me know