h1b stamped amendment in rfe status,need to travel immediatly

Hi,I have stamped visa and approval notice,but because of worksite change,my company filed amendment and received rfe,now I need to travel before amendment result ,as it is urgent,now my company says I can travel with receipt notice,certified lca and i129,so my doubts are#

  1. Can I travel with these docs?
    2.if so ,what other docs do I need to carry(do I have to carry the old approved petition)?
    3.at poe what should I show first ,the old approval notice followed by new lca and receipt notice if prompted or shall I tell them directly that I have amendment pending and you can see my receipt notice ,lca along with old approval notice .

I am in same situation…Please guide here.

Hi Shailendra,

I am in same situation. Kindly help me understand what you did.