h1b staming help..

I started my IT career in 2007. After 3 yrs i went to UK to pursue MBA, but due to some personal reasons i returned back to India without completing it. In 2011, i again joined IT and till date i am doing the same in India. My question is last year i applied for h1 and this year it got approved.

Meanwhile, my passport has expiry date in april 2016 and i apllied for renewal and recieved new one.

  1. Should i carry both old and new passport while going for stamping?

  2. if the VO asks about my UK student visa stamping which is there in old passport, what should i answer(as i am dropped out MBA)

  3. will there be any negative impact on stamping considering my previous my MBA grade??

  1. Yes, carry both

  2. Answer truthfully. It is ok to drop out of a study program

  3. No, as long as you are qualified for the offered position