H1B Sponsorship with Capgemini delayed for year 2020


So I got an offer today from Capgemini America Inc as Associate Consultant at their Jersey city NJ office. I am currently on my F1 visa and completed my Masters from NJIT in May 2018. While the salary that is being offered is very less, I was told that they won’t file for my H1B in the next year(2019) but in the subsequent year (2020) as they would be observing my work and performance. Is this normal or should I negotiate with them to file for H1B in the year 2019 itself? I am very confused on this and needed some advice on the strategies that such big companies like Capgemini Inc use.


I would just join and start looking for other offers. Its not worth starting your career there.

It is not normal, I believe, you need to negotiate better. Usually, large companies file for H1B at the next available H1B window. With H1B lottery and other new rules, personally I think it is risky to wait for an extra year. You may accept the position, if you are desperate, but you should push them to apply for next year in April 2019. Also, you should pursue other companies in parallel and find someone who can apply H1B in April 2019.