H1B sponsored job for masters in hospital administration fresher graduate?


first of all thanks for answering my queries:)

i had finished my bachelors in pharmacy(b.pharmacy-4years) 2007-2011,right now pursuing my masters in hospital administration(MHA-2years) 2012-2014which is expected to finish by this august 2014.

Here my query is ,am i eligible to apply for H1b without any job experience immedietely after my masters?

however i will be having a project thesis of my masters and an internship experience done in a private hospital will be there,is that sufficient or should i need to work to gain experience to apply?

i am not from IT or enginneering background like other people questioned. Hence i have a complete healthcare background do i get any sponsorers related to my masters jobs?

please help me

thank you

It is a great field and you are cap exempt. Private hospitals will surely sponsor your H-1B. A lawyer will be needed as hospital HR cannot help (usually) with H-1B filings, they don’t know how.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu

I’m thinking of doing MPH in US, can you please tell me about career opportunities and Visa sponsorship for an International? Thank you

HI I have similar situation and currently looking for the solution. Could you please help me in answering that:

  1. I have completed my masters in healthcare administration and 2 months ago, joined Stanford with entry lever job and working on H4 EAD. Stanford is not ready to file my H1B visa at this current position. Is there anyway I can get it filed from outside? I can pay for the sponsorship money.
  2. Could you please explain me what does cap exempt means?

Would really appreciate your help and advice.


Hi, Currently I am in same situation. Can you give any recommendations to start the job search in finding right hospital that can sponsor H1B. I do have 2 years of experience in Hospital Field. Thank you.

Hi, I am in a very similar situation and I was wondering what you ended up doing @kys
I am trying to apply to mph/mha and I am worried about what the prospects for me would be after finishing and getting visas.
Could you please provide an update of what happened?

Please and thank you!