H1b sponsor information details

Hello guys,

I have heard very good reviews about Sab Info. I am on H4 and am looking for H1b sponsorship. Last year I missed it cz of lottery. In case anyone has any details about whom to contact from Sab Info, please let me know. It would be highly appreciable.


Go to main blog and search for this company. There are posts from folks who filed H-1 through them last year. You can then connect w/ them.

If you are lucky then fine…but many even after approval got deported, as securities checked that there were no projects in the company. BEWARE FROM SAB INFORMATION SYSTEM OWNED BY BABU DEVALAPUR AND BY NOVELTY INFOTECH BY JAYAKAR NEELA. THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!!! NEITHER THEIR ANY VISA GOT APPROVED NOR THEY RETURNED ANY MONEY. They will change the company name, so just remember their names. They ran to India and they are not refunding any money. One is located in Atlanta and other in Alpharetta…