H1B six years term completing and need information on legal stay

Hi, my H1b is going to expiere sept 2013 and I have not applaied for GC. But my wife got I -140 1) is it possible for me to convert h1-h4 after 6 years term and stay in US legally 2) will I apply for H1 extention after the cooling 1 year peroid, is it mandetory that I have to be out of country one year if I want apply for extention.3) will I get H1B cap exemption if I want to apply for extention after 1 year

You can move to H-4 in order to continue to stay inside US.

However, if you want to go back on H-1, then you need to:

  • stay outside US for 1 year before applying for H-1

  • go through the cap again