H1B says approved in in uscis site but no change in the status for I290B

Hi All,

My H1b(I129) was denied on Jul10th , but we re-considered/appealed on aug 8th. For the reappeal(I290B) we got a receipt number and the status says “Initial Review”. But the when i checked my original I129 status it says On September 28, 2012, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER.

Does this mean i really got H1b Approved? Please let me know since its been 2days our attorney did not receive anything yet. Appreciate your help.



Yes your reappeal has been approved and they have sent you a approval notice.



Hi maddy,

I have similar case . How long it take for this I 129B form to complete . Also let me know if it was Appeal or Reconsidered .



It was reconsideration, in uscis website it said they received the package on Aug8th, they took the decision on Sept 28th. But i290B status did not change till date.

Hi Maddy,
Mine is same case last year. did you get the approval notice?
I applied for MTR and got I290B filed. Now on my old I129 application status got updated to “Case is approved”, but I290B still shows “Case is Reopened”. What does that mean? is my H1B approved or not?

Thanks for your help.