H1B salary related questions in interview


I want to know if while applying for the H1B petition the no of years of experience and salary are mentioned or not.Just want to understand if USCIS is aware of the salary that will be paid by the company.

I have around 9 years of experience and the salary that my US petitioner company is paying is less than 65000$.I think for my exp level and as per the US norms this salary is low.

I want to know if there is chance of questions being raised on this salary figure during my H1B visa interview or if the petition is approved then they dont care what the salary being paid is.

I am worried @ this salary question ,please let me know.

Thanks a lot!


USCIS can question that. The company will have to file LCA and I-129 and show the position/salary etc. They will also have to submit your resume. If the position requires 4 years of work experience, then USCIS can raise RFE stating that you are over-qualified for the position.