H1B salary quoted is lesser than the amount mentioned in LCA

I recently got my H1B petition approved and i am taking up the interview next week. During Filling up DS160 form, i gave the salary my company had quoted. i submitted the form and got the appointment for next week. Today only my company provided all the documents for H1B interview , there i happened to see the LCA amount is much greater than the amount company qouted ( around $20000 PA). I had requested for a revised offer letter from the company to match the LCA amount. Will it cause any issue in stamping, as the DS160 form had a different salary mentioned. Plese advice. Also if the interviewer ask about the salary at US, should i mention the salary in LCA or the company provided salary?
PS: my company is a leading software company carrying more than 70000 employees world wide.

Wait for the revised offer letter from your company. It might just be a mistake on their end. It is not legal to get paid less than what is mentioned on LCA. The actual salary could be equal to or greater than the amount mentioned on LCA.

thanks for your reply. Ok i can wait for the revised offer letter. Even after getting the revised offer letter with the salary matching to Lca, i filled the ds 160 form with my lower salary from my previous offer. Will there be any issue here? Will they ask any specific question ?

I am not too sure about it. I think I know which company you are talking about. Ask their immigration team they should be able to help. Either they will ask you to file a new DS-160 form or to correct the existing one. But I don’t know how to do that. Senior members can guide you better here.

You can complete another DS-160 form w/ the updated salary. Then carry both the DS forms to the consulate. When you reach the first officer inside consulate who collects the documents, let him know about the duplicate DS form. He will be able to update the DS form at his end to the new one. He may ask what’s wrong and you can reply truthfully that you entered incorrect salary. As long as you have the updated offer letter w/ correct salary, it should not matter.

Hi Saurabh - i got the updated offer letter with correct salary matching with LCA, i will carry the same to the visa interview. My company doesn’t encourage me to carry a different DS160, as they booked the appointment based the older DS160. What shall i do? Will there be any issue if i have the previous salary in DS160? if there is a question related to my salary i have tell my recent salary and will they check again st the DS160 form? Please clarify.

I read recently that one can now modify the submitted DS-160 form.

Read this: U.S. NIV Applicants from India May Now Update DS-160 Info After Visa Interview is Scheduled - Murthy Law Firm | U.S Immigration Law

Hi Saurabh - My company also had advised me to fill up the new DS160 form and submit the new confirmation page at the time of OFC. But another issue is, from my company at the time of filing I129, they mentioned the different salary. Will that be an issue?

As long as the new salary is not less than what was quoted in the LCA, you should be fine.

Thanks a lot Saurabh. Also please let me know if i have to carry both the DS160 confirmation pages to OFC as well as interview. Should i have to specifically mention that there is a change?

I haven’t read much experiences online about it. So its better to carry both confirmation pages and show them the updated one. If they question, then show the old one and explain the situation.

Hi Saurabh , got the visa stamped today :). thanks for all your valuable inputs.

Congrats Subbhunv.

Did you carry both DS-160 forms? Was anything asked at the consulate regarding this?

yes, i carried both the forms. They asked what is the change. I replied. Thats it. They didn’t ask much details on that.