H1B RFE2017 and going for L1 VISA Stamping


  1. I have H1B 2017 with outstanding RFE to be resolved. But my company is willing to do L1 VISA instead of resolving H1V RFE by November2017. If I will go for L1 Visa stamping without resolving the H1B RFE, Can I get L1 Visa stamping without any objection?

Thanks in advance…

You may not be asked about your outstanding H1B RFE, but getting approved visa is solely dependent upon your individual case.

L1B visa are highly scrutinized these days, so have a good explanation as to how you fall under that specialized knowledge category. If you do not, and your are applying for L1B just to get pass the H1B, they probably ask you to apply under H1B category if they feel you do not satisfy the need to fall under specialized knowledge category.