H1B RFE Withdrawn - Grace Period , I-94 Expired?

My I-129 withdrawn by my employer A without informing me before one week of last date to reply, because of wages issues and even employer A not interested to share the withdrawal copy and how many days to stay here and asking me leave immediately. My I94 also got expired last moth.
Employer B is interested to file new H1-B with same client before withdraw of my h1-b. Employer b came to know that my h1-b withdrawn by employer A.

  1. How many days I can stay here.
  2. Will Employer b proceed to file new h1 or not, I am bit worried about his decision.
  3. Do I need to go for visa outside if h1-b approved with employer b

Kindly respond asap.

If you do not have a pending application with USCIS and your I-94 is expired, there is no grace period as such…You need to leave immediately… The simple reason is that you do NOT have status. You can only stay, if you had a pending application with USCIS.
Even, if employer B proceeds, you will have hard time to justify your status as you do NOT have proper status in US now, so they will apply for consular processing. Yes, very likely you need to go out.

All of these are very tricky situations, I would suggest you speak to a qualified attorney and then take action accordingly, don’t delay. Do update here after you speak an attorney.