H1b rfe status when client is changed

Hello Saurab,

i have been seeing most of your replies to many like me and I would like you to take little time on my case which is ntg new to you and provide your valuable suggestion. 

Iam working for a big firm and H1b for 2014 is petitioned on client A and now iam with client B. And status is RFE. So here is my question.

1. Incase if i get the client A"s sow and onsite letter, will there  be any problem? 

2. Incase if i fail to get client A but client B"s sow and onsite manager letter and BRM letter. What are the chances of avoiding risk? My employers says that if we go with option 2, my manager has to send a disclaimer letter to visateam as its processing under Risk of Denail, this is worriying me very much. 

 if option 2 is left for me what is the best way to avoid the risk. Kindly suggest. 

Please help, Im in very confusion state because of this uncertainity



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