H1B RFE - status to know the reason

Hi Saurabh,

I am a very big follower of redbus2us. You have also answered a lot of questions which I have asked you before.

On my H1B extension petition, I have got a RFE and my employer is not disclosing the reasons for RFE as per company policy but they have asked for a set of documents to be sent to USCIS. How can I make sure that the right documents are being submitted? Also, what is the usual response time for RFEs?

Kindly reply.



Hi Priya,

Your query is for Saurabh but I will pitch in till he responds. An RFE is kept confidential by some companies because most of the times, questions on company financials are asked. You can ask the company to share questions pertaining just to you in case you are worried. However rest assured that an RFE is triggered because 9 out of 10 times, the BCIS has questions about company and not the candidate. It does have questions about you but those are standard.

Best wishes

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